L-Series Low-Profile Luminaires

Indy™ Low-Profile Luminaires offer L-Series quality, performance and a matching aesthetic in a compact fixture a fraction of the height!

The Ideal Commercial Lighting Solution for Shallow Plenum Ceilings

As commercial construction trends towards shallow plenum ceilings, the ability to install quality lighting becomes limited. That is, until now. Indy™ L-Series Low-Profile luminaires offer the best of both worlds – a luminaire as short as 2-inches high (to fit the tightest of spaces) and performance to consider it part of the L-Series Family.

It's Low ... But Who Will Ever Know!?


Compared to traditional L-Series luminaires, the Low-Profile offers a much smaller footprint above the ceiling without a visible difference below.


Be Set Apart From The Rest With Unique, Hyperbolic Reflectors

When paired with our patent-pending hyperbolic reflectors, Indy L-Series Low-Profile Luminaires achieve a 45-degree cutoff and glare-free, Silent Ceiling™ visual effect. Parabolic and Wall-Wash reflectors are also available – all in the same designer finishes to match the appearance of other L-Series luminaires.

Indy L-Series Low-Profile Luminaires offer the perfect shallow ceiling solution for new construction and remodel installations. They are easy-to-install, maintain and even upgrade thanks to their future-proof design. Better yet, as part of the L-Series family, they can be installed in tandem with other L-Series luminaires to achieve a truly homogenous look of coordinated apertures.

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