50 Years of Innovation

A trusted brand in the lighting community for 50 years, Indy™ luminaries are the pinnacle of quality, design and performance. They represent the industry’s widest range of high-quality commercial and architectural-grade luminaires. From downlights, adjustables and wall-wash fixtures to cylinders, retrofits and multi-lamp fixtures, no one offers a more extensive line. The Indy brand’s commitment to innovative design and energy-efficient lighting solutions is simply unmatched.

Two Distinct Selections

The Indy brand is comprised of two distinct product offerings: the L-Series and Multiples. The L-Series features a collection of architectural-grade luminaires with a fully coordinated product family achieving a totally homogeneous look. From LED color rendering to aperture size appearance, to trim styles and finishes, each L-Series luminaire is completely consistent across all fixture types. They feature a broad selection of colorful trims, upscale finishes, and unique apertures that do not sacrifice efficiency and performance. The exceptional lighting characteristics are defined by very low brightness, multiple optical choices and excellent visual cutoff. The Multiples series consists of Designer Cove or Multi-Spot multiples, both offering the dependable construction that Indy is famous for. Their durable luminaire heads include die-cast aluminum lens holders with white or black finishes to match the housing, with an optional snoot and lens accessories.

What We Offer

We have a variety of high quality and easy to install products that are assembled in America. Our Products have a super quick turnaround time and are easy to install.

More About Us

Silent Ceiling™ Hyperbolic

Hyperbolic reflector and Hyperbolic wall washer are exclusive to the L-Series, and are available with downlights, retrofits, cylinders and flush mount.

Broad Lumen Range & Superior Efficacy

Choose from 18 lumen packages ranging from 800 to 9000 lumens. Efficacies of up to 130lm/W. ENERGY STAR® Certifed across the family.

Lumen Depreciation Indicator

Exclusive to Indy the innovative system indicates fixture has reached 70% lumen output.

Future Proof & Backward Compatible

Can spec Gen 3 & install Gen 4. Or take the latest LED technology & upgrade previous generation, while preserving the same distribution & intensity.