Indy L-Series Low-Profile product shot 2-inches high

L-Series Low-Profile Luminaires

Indy™ Low-Profile Luminaires offer L-Series quality, performance and a matching aesthetic in a compact fixture a fraction of the height!

The Ideal Commercial Lighting Solution for Shallow Plenum Ceilings
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As commercial construction trends towards shallow plenum ceilings, the ability to install quality lighting becomes limited. That is, until now. Indy™ L-Series Low-Profile luminaires offer the best of both worlds – a luminaire as short as 2-inches high (to fit the tightest of spaces) and performance to consider it part of the L-Series Family.

It's Low ... But Who Will Ever Know!?
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Footprint comparison image between Indy L-Series Low-Profile and traditional luminaire
Compared to traditional L-Series luminaires, the Low-Profile offers a much smaller footprint above the ceiling without a visible difference below.